Atlas Signature Series 9' 10wt Fly Rod

Atlas Signature Series 9' 10wt Fly Rod

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Introducing the Atlas Signature 9' 10wt fly rod - a breathtaking fusion of power, precision, and an ultralight feel that redefines your angling experience.

Forged with revolutionary graphene material, the Atlas Signature 10-weight is a game-changer in the realm of fly fishing. Known for its extraordinary strength and lightness, graphene bestows upon this rod a featherweight stature without compromising on power. Every cast feels effortless, every catch - an exhilarating triumph.

This 10-weight rod is the perfect partner for those daring to take on bigger game. It effortlessly handles the strength of mighty fish, proving that power and performance can come in the lightest of packages.

The fast-action design of the Atlas Signature guarantees swift line speed and tight loops for optimal control. Even in wind-riddled conditions, your cast remains steadfastly accurate, making every throw a potential masterstroke.

Completed with Cerecoil guides and the highest-grade cork, the Atlas Signature balances luxury with performance. This ultralight fly rod reimagines fly fishing, presenting it as an effortless dance of precision and power.

Embrace the featherlight revolution in angling with the Atlas Signature 9' 10wt fly rod - where every cast feels as light as air, yet lands with the might of a titan.

About the action:

The 10 follows in the footsteps of the 8- and 9-weights, but takes it up a notch. We've created a rod that's designed for big flies and/or heavy winds. We found that too many 10-weights on the market were presentation flats rods - a design that just didn't make sense to us. A 10-weight is too small of a rod for big tarpon - so what's the point of making a rod that can't throw an entire fly line with ease?

So we made it fast enough to handle any conditions that make sense for a 10-weight. 


Recommended Lines:

SA Tarpon, SA Grand Slam, SA Titan


Your new 10wt arrives Fall 2023.