Atlas Signature Series 9' 9wt Fly Rod

Atlas Signature Series 9' 9wt Fly Rod

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Introducing the brand-new Atlas Signature 9' 9wt fly rod - the embodiment of superior craftsmanship that takes your fishing experience to a whole new level.

Constructed with cutting-edge graphene, this new 9-weight stands in a league of its own. Renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, graphene bestows this rod with a nearly weightless feel, while still delivering the brute strength you need to tackle large fish.

This 9-weight rod is your loyal ally when facing larger species from Permit to Redfish to Pike & Musky. Its strength belies its lightweight nature, with each cast feeling effortless, yet strikingly powerful. Experience the thrilling contradiction of handling this mighty titan that's as light as a feather.

The fast-action design of the Atlas Signature ensures insane line speed and tight loops for unparalleled control. Despite wind or challenging conditions, this rod allows your cast to remain steadfastly accurate, transforming every throw into a potential victory.

Finished with top-of-the-line guides and a AAAA-grade cork handle, the Atlas 9wt combines functionality with luxury. This featherlight fly rod invites you to redefine what you know about fly fishing - an elegant dance between accuracy and power, finesse and strength.

Step into a new era of fly fishing with the Atlas Signature 9' 9wt fly rod. Experience the exhilaration of each cast that feels as light as a whisper, yet strikes with the force of a storm. Your adventure starts now.

About the action:

If you like the 8-weight, you'll love our 9-weight. It's got all of the same characteristics, but in a slightly higher line weight. It might even be a little quicker, relatively speaking.


Recommended Lines:

Rio Bonefish, SA Grand Slam, SA Titan


Your new 9 arrives Fall 2023.